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Due to the challenges caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), RFB is providing our customers with extra support and resources.
We operate under strict COVID-19 Protocols.

Please review our Public Health Plan below.

RFB Family Farm & Apiaries continues to operate during the COVID-19 emergency; all appropriate Public Health Protocols are in place.



Certified Farmers Markets in San Diego County are continuing to reopen on modified basis with public health protocols in place, and RFB Family Farm and Apiaries local raw honey is available through our usual and some alternate sources.

  1. The Sunday North San Diego / Sikes Adobe - Certified Farmers Market at the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead reopened on a modified basis on Sunday March 29. It runs 10:30am-3:30pm every Sunday and you can always find us there. EBT is accepted at this location.

  2. The Tuesday Escondido Certified Farmers' Market reopened on June 2nd. 2:30pm-6pm/6:30pm/7pm (depending on the time of year).

  3. The Friday Rancho Bernardo Certified Farmers Market reopened on June 5th. 9am-1pm.

  4. The Farm Stand West in Escondido(I-15 at Citracado) is provided with supplies of our honey for sale on a regular basis.

  5. Sunny Side Kitchen in Escondido has a small supply of our honey on hand for sale. Pick-up/Take- out, Delivery.

  6. CUSTOM ARRANGED ORDERS. For individual direct-to-you orders, please contact CLAIRE by cell/text at 858-735-5311 or email us at info@RFBFamilyFarm.com.

RFB has established "to-go" and "curbside pick-up" protocols and policies.

On days when we are not selling at an area Certified Farmers Market, we are happy to arrange pick up from us in person at our location in Rancho Penasquitos. As always, we can accept all forms of payment: cash, major credit/debit cards, or for a truly contactless experience we accept any form of tap-and-pay (Smartphone Payment App, Smart Watch, Contactless Debit/Credit Card, etc.). EBT is also accepted on Sundays and from our Rancho Penasquitos location.

  • -> Do you already have a Contactless Debit/Credit Card and not know it? Check for the contactless symbol on the front or back of your card. To pay contactlessly, simply touch your contactless card against a contactless reader. A beep &/or green light shows your payment is being processed.

    Following are the Public Health & Safety Protocols RFB Family Farm and Apiaries has in place for "outside of Certified Farmers Markets" pick-ups and to-go orders:

  • Please wear a nose and mouth covering.

  • Please only arrange to pick up if you are in good health.

  • We will greet you at our front door, or curbside at your car, wearing a nose/mouth covering, and put on fresh gloves.

  • We will always maintain 6-foot social distancing .

  • We will disinfect your jars/bottles in front of you, and place them in a paper bag, which we will place in our "contactless cardboard box transition container" and pass it over to you.

  • If paying with a card, we will sanitize your card at the start of the transaction, complete your transaction, and sanitize it again before returning it to you, all using our "contactless cardboard box transition container".

  • If you will be signing for your purchase, we will disinfect the signature panel, or offer you a sanitized stylus if you prefer.

  • If paying by cash, consider paying with exact change to eliminate the need for you to take change back (we do always make change if you need us to).

NOTE: Please be advised that the Saturday PQ Certified Farmers Market has CLOSED PERMANENTLY.

Stay healthy and keep safe.

We are committed to keeping you connected with your local raw honey!

~ Beekeeper Claire.

First Published: March 14, 2020. Updates: June 5, 2020, July 30, 2020